Nikita Season 3 Review “Inevitability”

It’s been threatening for a while, but the new, supposedly improved Division hops onto that slippery slope good and proper in this week’s Nikita, ‘Inevitability’. With government-ordered missions now coming to them and no other choice but to obey, is Ryan and Nikita’s organization really that different from Percy and Amanda’s anymore? The mission is an old-fashioned ‘kill job’, and not everyone at the base is happy about the apparent return to norm. Alex and Birkoff, in particular, decide to hang back and investigate what going on with Danforth, discovering the President’s ‘contingency plan’ which involves a replica of Division’s base built in the middle of nowhere. They’ve been lying to the staff for months about how much danger they’re potentially in should the government turn again Division, and it’s here that the secrets come spilling out. READ MORE...


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