The Americans Season 1 Review “Safe House”

This week on "The Americans," it was party time at the Beeman’s, but this party wasn’t about the barbeque and beer, it was about planning and scheming. On the ironically-titled "Safe House," those wacky FBI guys got together to ostensibly have a party- complete with next-door neighbors Liz & Phil in attendance, no less- to plan a hit on the not-so-sly. It’s called "keeping it on the down-low" for a reason, guys. Though Phil doesn’t know who the target is, it’s clear from what he overhears that there is a target and that the hit is happening sooner than later and that it’s a renegade affair not sanctioned by the FBI, which makes finding out the who that much harder. We find out it’s no less than the Embassy Head Arkady who’s being targeted, but what happens next is the very definition of a cluster-fu*k. READ MORE...


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