Shameless Season 3 Review “Order Room Service”

It’s time for sh*t to hit the fan on Shameless this week, as the penultimate episode, ‘Order Room Service’, leaves most of our characters in pretty precarious and/or distressed positions ready for next week’s finale. This was a great episode that, while starting off in typical dramedy mode, really ramped up the stakes and tension towards the end of the hour. For starters, Karen is awake now after Jody’s miraculous cure, but is more than a little worse for wear. Karen’s state, with us having known her as the manipulative mean girl for so long, really is quite disturbing, and Lip knows who was responsible for the accident even if he hasn’t quite figured out how to deal with it yet. He goes to Kev for advice on escaping a relationship with someone so unstable, but his concern is more for what has already happened to Karen rather than what could happen to him. READ MORE...


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