Psych Season 7 Review “Cirque Du Soul” – Lassiter Makes a Big Announcement

In this episode of Psych, called "Cirque Du Soul," Shawn and Gus help a bunch of circus performers who might be in trouble; meanwhile Lassiter and Marlowe take their relationship to the next level. As I watched this episode of Psych, it made me think about how much our little band of misfits have grown over the past 100 episodes. Back in the beginning of the series, Shawn and Gus were just a couple of goofballs stumbling around solving crimes. Okay, so yeah they’re basically still a couple of goofballs stumbling around solving crimes, but now both of them are in serious relationships. And the best part is that their friendship (and their innate goofball-ness) has remained intact. Things got a little rough in this one when Shawn seemingly kept jeopardizing Gus and Rachael’s relationship, but once Henry came in and pointed out that Shawn was just worried he’d lose his best friend, we all knew what was really wrong. I was glad that Shawn fixed everything between him and Gus and I’m really happy that Gus’ relationship with Rachael and Max stayed intact. It’s great to see him with someone who makes him happy. READ MORE...


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