Go On Season 1 Review “Fast Breakup”

For the majority of the second half of the season, Go On has been searching for ways to thrust Ryan King into various relationships. The most noticeable of which was a multi-episode arc with Piper Perabo. Most of the women (including Perabo) have produced less than inspiring results. With the specter of his dead wife moving over every relationship he has now, the choice to tease a relationship with Carrie (by far is most interesting prospect) could speak a little to the show’s interest in throwing everything at the wall in case there is no season 2. More importantly, the show hasn’t done enough with their relationship to make this point seem natural. They’ve been friendly with one another, but Ryan routinely abused her as his secretary (sweet way to give notice by Carrie) and was exceedingly needy without much in the way of reciprocation. How Carrie is into Ryan at this point seems pretty questionable. It’s a relationship that definitely should happen, but it needs time to breathe. Unfortunately, with season 2 no guarantee, the show decided to push the time table a little bit. They don’t have many places to go with (next week is the season finale), so it will be interesting to see the resting point of the relationship. READ MORE...


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