The Office Season 9 Review “Promos”

Given the slightly vehement reactions to the last episode of "The Office" that aired, I’m not sure what people will make of "Promos," which featured a return visit from many of "The Farm" vets. A lot of people hated that one, and made it pretty clear that, in their mind, NBC had dodged a bullet when it came to making the antics of Dwight and Co. into a full-fledged series. I thought it wasn’t half bad, and that, of all the characters on "The Office," Dwight would have made the most sense to spin-off, but I guess that’s not going to be happening. Too bad. Although, to play devil’s advocate for a hot minute, I will say that this return appearance did reap lesser dividends than the last episode, so there’s that to say for the defense of those who fell firmly into the category of "please make it stop!" That said, though, Dwighty Dwight and the Farmy Bunch had their moments here and there. READ MORE...


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