The Mindy Project Review: Hot For Preacher

When I first that Anders Holm was slated to guest star on The Mindy Project, I gave thanks to the TV gods for bringing together two such talented comedic actors.  Sadly, Mindy and Pastor Casey failed to generate any convincing chemistry on "My Cool Christian Boyfriend."

Their timing just seemed to be off in that first date scene, with jokes about the Winklevoss twins and infectious disease walking tours falling flat. I thought we were in store for some redemption when Moby began spinning at the church service, but Casey's entrance was certainly lacking power of The Lord's Force. If you're going to be edgy, give us some sort of energy. Maybe a smoke machine or a couple strobe lights. His sermon was a quality opportunity to surprise not just Mindy but the viewers as well. I would not have testified or given the tiniest of "Amens" to that "I hate God" allegory.  Read More...


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