'Psych': Tim Omundson teases Kristy Swanson's return as Marlowe

Kristy Swanson is making her return to "Psych" in Wednesday's (April 3) episode, titled "Cirque du Soul" -- but Lassiter's girlfriend transitioning out of prison is not a smooth road, star Timothy Omundson tells Zap2it."The first time you're going to see her ... is at her parole hearing. She will get sprung from the hoosegow," says Omundson. "We have to figure out some living logistics because her parole officer happens to be one of the many, many ex-lovers of Lassiter. It apparently didn't end well with her and she takes it out on my lady-love. It's a great episode."We haven't seen the episode, but we second that -- anything involving Lassie's love life is excellent. So, do these living logistics mean that Lassiter and Marlowe are living together?"Come now. Do you think Lassiter is ever really going to settle down that much?" laughs Omundson. "He's thought about it ... but we haven't actually seen co-habitation...



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