The Voice Recap: Usher Will Push You

All happy families are alike, and all unhappy families sit in chairs emblazoned with patriotic slogans and bicker in detached and sodden ways. We commenced last night’s proceedings with a surprising scene. Blake Shelton, Oklahoma's prodigal son, wandering into The Voice studios with wet hair and different clothing. He is wearing a pink plaid shirt, even! He calls Shakira "Shikira," but no matter. Is it possible that this portion of the show is taking place on a different day? That time has passed? Wrong. In less than two minutes, it is established that everyone is still in the same outfit they always wear — like Groundhog Day. It was just a trick! A trick of the mind on the longest day ever recorded. This is such a long day. I understand that it’s probably more time efficient, production-schedule-wise, to do it this way, but boy is it distracting. Read More...


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