'Arrow' 'Unfinished Business' recap: Oliver loses an ally and gets dosed with the Vertigo drug

If we've learned anything from "Arrow" over the last few weeks, it's that when villains are allowed to keep breathing, they have a tendency to, y'know, remain villainous. In "Unfinished Business," Oliver is plagued by an old foe when the vertigo drug resurfaces -- once again, hitting a little too close to home when Tommy and Verdant get dragged into Det. Lance's investigation. We'd be remiss not to mention that Seth Gabel was born for the role of The Count. Taking a well-earned cue from Heath Ledger's Joker, Gabel infuses The Count with plenty of crazy -- and just enough insight to make you want to lean a little closer. When a patron of Oliver and Tommy's club is killed due to a hit of super-vertigo, both the Arrow and Det. Lance pay the Count a visit in his mental institution, but he appears to have completely snapped. At first glance, he's barely capable of...



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