Criminal Minds Review: A Monster's Dance with Karma

It isn't often that an episode of Criminal Minds is as compelling as this one was.  In my opinion it was one of the best of the season.

In "Restoration", the spotlight focused on Derek Morgan, who was the first to figure out the connection between two murdered middle-aged men, as a result of a phrase that was written at each murder site: "look up to the sky".  That phrase had been uttered many times by Morgan's childhood abuser - Carl Buford - who was doing time in prison for a series of murders.  The BAU finally identified the Unsub as another of  Buford's victims - a man whose past came back to haunt him when he learned his son had been molested by a swimming coach.  In a fit of rage, he murdered him, and then when there was no catharsis from that act, he went on to murder other men who he thought were probably child abusers.  Basically any man who was comfortable around kids.  The BAU finally tracked him down at his ex-wife's home, where Morgan was able to talk him down by relating his own past to him - a dark past involving their common abuser. Read More...


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