Psych Review: Send in the Clowns

Psych didn't waste any time getting back to business after that epic 100th episode---as long as that business was monkey business.

And that's definitely what went down in "Cirque Du Soul."

This episode was certainly packed. But I really need to take minute to gush over Marlowe and Carlton, affectionately shipped as Carlowe, and how her 6 to 18 month sentence is finally up and they can finally be together in the real world as couple! I am SO EXCITED for those two lovebirds. They are, dare I say it, almost cuter than Shules. And that's saying a lot, because I shipped those two like the Enterprise since practically day one. Carlowe had me rooting for them constantly since "This Episode Sucks." It's so satisfying to finally see these two happy. Read More...


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