Another season?

After seeing Boom(2) I am having doubts about the show.

The two-part episode were more amusing than all the others, but the second part was way too predictable and unrealistic. A whole apartment blown up, every piece of wood lit by fire and Becket walks away without having a scratch? She walked away in Castles jacket, but the next moment has full clothing? Then, after spending one night at Castle's place she has all her own clothes again?? Also, after spending the night at his place, she cooked full breakfast in the morning; while in the previous episodes it became clear that she doesn't cook herself (much) but orders takeout. Now she's a 3 star chef suddenly?

This show tries to depict Becket as a strong woman, and it succeeded in it. But now it has gone to ridiculous heights. No matter what situation she and Castle are in, she always dominates, even when she is the target of a serial killer or has her house blown to pieces. How about chasing down a super intelligent (male) serial killer on 9 inch heels? Have you ever seen a detective on 9 inch heels? Well for Uber Amazone Becket it's less than a piece of cake.

Beckets reaction towards Castle is also way too uptight to be realistic. In several situations he either physically or verbally expressed his caring for her, while by description he's a true "ladies man". Almost all women that the show features comment about their "relationship", but Iron Becket states that it's "difficult". What exactly is difficult? She's single, he's single. Having another season where Castle hangs around Becket "just because he helps solving cases" devaluates the show.

There's no real tension between the two, more a sad display of Mr. Niceguy chasing the hotty.

I'm sure many will disagree with me on this, but I think there are a few that understand my point of view.



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Apr 1, 2010 6:26PM EDT

Its not unusual to see the whole "surviving from an explosion by jumping in a tub and a closed bathroom door" as its been done in many a movie and t.v show, not to say I agree that one could survive that but its obviously not that far out there if people have done it in Bangkok Dangerous, Lethal Weapon, and the Rock. As for the clothing after the accident, it was pretty standard and could be assumed it is under-clothing for standard police attire, as we don't see every second of whats going on when a scene transitions its asking for a little much to have every single detailed explain to you. Same goes for the clothing afterwards, whats to say she didn't buy more or had spare at the office? Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen, I'm sure if the show did show you her going shopping for clothing then I'd probably stop watching.
As for the "chef" thing, inconstancies in shows appear everywhere, but it doesn't take the Iron Chef to make pancakes and omelette's and whatever else she cooked. Just because shes too busy to actually cook due to her work and orders take out, doesn't mean she lost the ability to make standard breakfast foods. Now if she made gourmet breakfast crepes with exotic ingredients then I'd start calling out the inconstancy.
The whole running on 9-inch heels is whatever the actress herself is capable of, if you see her running in 9-inch heels then shes running in 9-inch heels, pretty sure they wouldn't waste time to cgi that in. I personally didn't look at her feet, but if she could do it then its not impossible.
As for the Beckett and Castle relationship, like every show like this and off the top of my head I can name two, Bones and the Mentalist where they take their time and if at all make the female lead and male lead get together. Its not rocket science as to why Castle and Beckett aren't together, its a formula thats been used before and its wrapped differently to our appeal to which some like me and you perhaps it has, which is why we watch it.
To say her reaction and feeling towards Castle is unrealistic is to say you've got a degree in Human Behavior and Psyche, whats to say that there isn't an individual if not many who act similar to our Detective Kate Beckett? The extent of her feelings aside from "its difficult" we don't even know as they haven't showed us, there could be something complicating the matter for her or perhaps shes worried about how others may think, factors could be endless because they really haven't explained how they really feel about each other, just the acts they present to us that they'd do for each other which I agree says a lot about how you care about someone.
Castle was upgraded from a half-season docket which is usually a standard 12 episode season to a full 22+ for a reason, as it was renewed for a 3rd season for a reason. Its good and despite contrary beliefs its fresh. As in my opinion the comedy and drama sit on equal terms, as crime shows like this drama tends to be the over dominating theme but with a character like Castle he sits the themes on par, not sure how many people would agree with that but its my opinion anyway as are all of these things I've said. But from my perspective, it makes sense.

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Apr 1, 2010 9:16PM EDT

I agree with willowparadox, they can't show us every second or it would be a 10 hour show, and i like the show a lot, as to the relationship angel, there are as many possible ways for a relationship to develop as there are people to be in them, so i don't think it is to strange for people to take there time. Not every one has to jump into the sack in the first season.

Apr 2, 2010 12:21AM EDT

Im sorry bigme but, i doubt very many people agree with you seeing as there are only dissenting posts and 0 votes at this time. To top it all off it has actually been renewed for a new season which usually says that a lot of people like the show formula.

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