New Girl Recap: Romancing Yolanda Winston

You guys, I’m worried about Outside Dave. What's his deal? How come he’s so down on his luck? When he started shaving Schmidt’s leg, was that a sign of how unhinged he is, or just evidence that he’s better at pranks than Winston?

Obviously, Outside Dave was not the main point of last night’s episode. But he was one distracting element among many in a half-hour that just didn’t gel. Jess and Nick have enough sexual chemistry to power a fleet of Ford Escapés (nice product placement there, by the way), but at this point, they’ve been "are they or aren’t they"-ing for six episodes now, and it’s starting to feel like it’s not quite enough. Bringing the group to Chicago for Nick’s dad’s funeral was a smart move, but now that they’re back in L.A., it might be time for things to move forward. Read More...


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