Person of Interest Season 2 Review “Trojan Horse”

A lot went down in last night’s Person of Interest, so let’s dive in. The high points were the integration of the person of interest story with Stanton’s threat to the machine, the reappearance of Agent Shaw, and Bear stepping out of Reese’s shadow and into his role as a full-fledged member of Team Machine. The low points were the reemergence of the HR story, the rushed killing of Beecher, and Carter’s cardboard-like demeanor. It’s always better to start with the positives. The person of interest this week is an executive at a cutting edge technology company. She has the geek smarts to match Finch in tech talk and has an unwavering moral compass. When she suspects that one of the company’s employees stole information on behalf of China, she sets out to rectify the situation. She doesn’t realize that this one employee is the tip of the iceberg, and by getting involved she’s set herself up as a target. Finch and Reese team up to protect her and bring her into a safe house (or safe, super swanky apartment). The portrayal of Monica Jacobs was spot on because it convincingly communicated the woman’s enthusiasm for her job and devastation when she learns she’s been betrayed. The strongest part of the story, though, came at the end when it was revealed that the Chinese spying claim was a cover. The shadow organization that hired Stanton to install the virus into the government software is back. This time, Finch discovers that the target of the virus is actually the machine. READ MORE...


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