Nikita Season 3 Review “Tipping Point”

So, we’ve finally reached the point of no return – the ‘Tipping Point’ if you will – as one of Division’s own betrays them in the most terrible of ways. It’s important to note that we’re only at episode 16 of a 20-odd episode season, and things have suddenly got very, very messy for Nikita and her dwindling crew of faithful allies. Despite the hints and the rumblings in the fan community about something being seriously wrong with Alex, I doubt anyone saw that twist coming. What we thought was a simple episode focused on Michael getting his hand back and Division sorting out a small uprising among recruits turned out to be a whole lot more. Last week, problems with government support forced Nikita and Ryan to re-evaluate their mission, refocusing on their task to bring in the Dirty Thirty and shut down Division for good. READ MORE...


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