Grimm Season 2 Review “One Angry Fuchsbau”

Thankfully, Grimm recovered from the misstep that was last week’s episode. We start out with a scene of Wesen domestic violence that results in the wife’s death. The husband is brought up on charges and secures the assistance of a sweet talking Wesen attorney. All might have gone well for the defendant if Rosalee wasn’t in the jury box. Monroe discovers that the defense attorney, Barry Kellogg, has a bizarre secret – he is a goat-like Wesen who munches on toads in order to generate a pheromone that hypnotizes his audience into believing his every word. This physical impact on the listeners is an interesting interpretation of what can happen in real life simply through the power of persuasion. As can happen with real individuals at a trial upon questioning by the attorney, the witnesses start to doubt what they saw and conjure new memories. This phenomenon manifests here as a literal "leading of the witness." Monroe summons Nick and Hank to stop the jury tampering, and in one of the best moments of the epsiode, Monroe explains that Kellogg "dropped a toad – in the men’s room." You can see that David Giuntoli barely holds back a laugh and composes himself when the camera angle changes. This has to be a scene that will appear in blooper reels. READ MORE...


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