Doctor Who Season 7 Review “The Rings of Akhaten”

Clara’s cryptic explanation of the leaf in her 101 Places to See book at the end of last week’s Doctor Who got a full exploration in this week’s episode "The Rings of Akhaten." Not only did we get to see why the leaf was significant to Clara, the leaf itself became the key to saving the first alien community that Clara would encounter. Clara was right when she told The Doctor that the leaf wasn’t just a leaf, it was page one. In an attempt to solve the mystery behind Clara, The Doctor took it upon himself to spy on Clara and her family during different stages of her life. To his surprise, there was nothing extraordinary about Clara’s origins and upbringing. The way Clara’s mother was presented in the episode makes me think that she’ll play a significant role in Clara’s story throughout the remainder of this season. We don’t really find out what happened to Clara’s father, but Clara’s deceased mother remains a comfort and inspiration to Clara. There were multiple flashbacks of Ellie Oswald (née Ravenwood) reassuring Clara that she would always come and find her no matter where she was. READ MORE...


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