Shameless Season 3 Review “Survival of the Fittest”

Shameless always pulls it out the bag with cracking finales, and this third season closer is no different. Every character is going through some kind of monumental transition, some of which are left hanging until season four, and all of it is done in a touching and emotional – yet still Shameless-style – way that will bring a tear to any fan of the show. Starting with the biggie from last week, and the first of several characters seemingly being written out, Jimmy is still missing and Fiona is starting to get worried. Of course, before Kev appeals to her sensible side, her reaction is to leave angry voice messages on his phone and it’s only after she realizes how much she would lose that she begins to come around. It doesn’t matter what messages she leaves, however, since his phone is at the bottom of the sea somewhere – most probably next to Jimmy’s severed body parts. We could be optimistic about his fate, but a part of me wishes that we never find out what happened. READ MORE...


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