Monday Mornings Season 1 Finale Review “Family Ties”

The first season finale of Monday Mornings, ‘Family Ties’, saw things really hit home for the folks of Chelsea General. When a painkiller addict attacked Ridgeway, she was left fighting for her life. But as everyone rallied around their friend, there were other situations to deal with: a sixteen year old boy who had a heart attack, and a son who did not want his mother’s organs to be harvested. The latter two plots were a bit of a mixed bag. The son not wanting his mother’s organs to be harvested, despite her being on the donor register, was a particularly compelling case. Alas, it sort of fell flat with Buck Tierney’s big speech in court. While it was obviously heartfelt, it was nothing compared to the sort of dramatic blow to the gut that Hooten could have delivered — and which the situation required. READ MORE...


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