my opinions on this show!

first off......I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE THIS SHOW! I think nikki should come back!!!!!!!! that would definitely cause some drama! i think paysons mommas rite shes going thru a tuff time with her hormones which obviously is leading to her crush on sasha. while i like it for her (yes i think its kinda cute and real for her to like her coach!) sasha and summer are going out and in the next episode beals shows a photo of payson and sasha to everyone!!!!!!!! aaaahhhhh!!!!! thats gonna ruin everything! I H8 BEALS!!!!! SHE SHUD JUST LEAVE SASHA AND EMILY ALONE! she doesnt nowe wats rite for the girls i mean she is even encouraging kaylie to lose weight shes stupid mean and headstrong and she is going to ruin everythign! also i think summer and laurens dad are gonna do something the night summer sees the kiss and then they'll both regret and summer wont be a virgin anymore! i cant believe laurens mom is coming......i think she has a sickness maybe not sure but it seems likely! otherwise why would she have the guts to come! i hate lauren so much she should give emily a break and stop going out with carter! the man does not love her! i h8 carter too! hes so annoying! just pik some1 and love them! gosh! but back to giving emily a break emily needs to suck up her pride for her family! now that they gave steve his money and he and chloe broke up, they'll never get it back!!!! aaahhhhh! how will she get bailed out? i think damon will! or maybe she wont tell him like he didnt tell her! only he didnt steal she did! but i dont think they'll put her in jail, i think they'll understand she needed to get her brother help but she should have just called the police! but since she didnt nowe better i forgive her. as for kaylie EAT AN ICE CREAM CONE TWO HAMBURGERS WITH FRENCH FRIES SOME CHICKEN AND A LOAF OF BREAD ALREADY!!!!!!!!!! sorry but i think she never should have started though for the show i think its nice to show that this is a big problem and it takes time! i love love love her and austin together! austin is so nice and sweet! i never knew! i also kinda like steve and chloe whther or not anyone else does i mean alone steve sux but hes reeli nice to chloe and emily and chloe should have told thim right away! i h8 that they broke up! it sux! chloes right he shouldnt have lied but his heart was in the right place from the tart and hes always been supporting emily! its nice! and u have to admit chloe doesnt really care for lauren. btw is anyone ever going to figure out about steves trick for the rocky award? how he made lauren win? that would be juicy! i think summer is really falling in love with sasha but despite everyone and that book of his....i dont buy it! im not gonna lie when i say even though there cute i dont think they'll work out! also i think mark might cheat on kim (the keelers) because there away so much and there relations˙ip seems to be falling apart! i dont like them together honestly! and wat about marty and kaylies mom they are so cute i want them to get together! wat about leo is he coming bak soon?????plz plz plz! thats all for today sorry i rote so much! plz comment if you found anything interesting, disagreee with anything i said, have your own opinion, and post what you think will happen. Im very interested! and keep watching make it or break it fans!!!!!!!! ill keep ya posted if i find anything interested and do the same for me! sianara!


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