The Mentalist: "Redwood"

The CBI team help a small town sheriff's office with a case concerning two girls, one found dead (Kara) and the other missing (Nicole). Kara had been known as a good girl from a good family. Nicole was known as a bad girl, raised by her father on "hot dogs and meth." The locals assume that Nicole killed Kara and ran away. The girls had been at a bar with Nicole's fiance celebrating the upcoming wedding.

Nicole is found in a crazed state, covered with blood, holding a knife, and eating chips in a local grocery store. She couldn't remember the events of the nights at first, but Jane helps her to recover her memory. He believes that she was a victim, not the killer, and focuses his attention on her. The other officers and agents follow other suspects, including the fiance and a man who gave Nicole cosmetics. While in the hospital with Nicole, Jane has a flashback of his wife and daughter playing the piano.

As soon as NNicole is well enough, Jane kidnapps her from the hospital to take her back to the scene of the crime, knowing that it would help her to remember. He plays the same music the girls were playing that night and finds out about secret between the girls. Nicole recalls sounds and smells she experienced that night that lead them to the surprising identity of the killer.


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