Revolution Review: How The Lights Turned Off

The cause of the blackout, it’s an answer we’ve all been waiting for since Revolution’s premiere, and "The Song Remains the Same" answers it.

The Virus Flynn unleashed on the terrorist encampment is the source of the blackout; they’re tiny-self replicating devices floating in the air that only absorb electricity. It’s slightly disconcerting that an answer of such magnitude isn’t treated with any kind of grandeur, but the answer is also indicative of Revolution as a series – instead of posing supposed answers that are really just masked questions – actual answers are given. It’s a refreshing take on the usual genre staples.

It turns out the biggest story is just how much everyone hates Neville. It’s, at times, chilling just how far Tom is willing to go to save his own hide. He’s willing to use Jason’s feelings towards his mother against him, and it’s good to know Jason has begun waking up to his father’s deceptions; however, Tom’s conversation with Jason does reveal how he views his place in the post blackout world: the weak are killed.



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