The Following Recap: Heart of Bulletproof Glass

There are a few problems that I’ve noticed most detective shows encounter. One of them is the red herring dilemma. That happens on the shows where the protagonists are in pursuit of a single goal. In order to keep the season going, there’s no way that the first, second, or even third guy they talk to can be the one who did it, and so most of the initial episodes feel anti-climactic, just a bunch of obvious dead ends. (Even quality shows, like Top of the Lake, run into this predicament.) Or maybe it’s clear who the bad guy is but it’s just a matter of finding them, which means the show has to keep coming up with more and more outrageous explanations for why it’s proving so impossible to do so. I have to hand it to the The Following for managing to consistently skirt these obstacles. Week after week, the bad guys, who we very much know to be guilty, are found almost immediately and are then allowed to slip away right in front of the people chasing them. Read More...


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