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The beauty of the Harry Potter films is that as the actors have aged, their talents have vastly improved. It's been a nice thing to watch especially for someone like me who's not exactly a fan of Harry Potter. Regardless, they're exceptionally made films that feature great fantasy and incredible special effects. Certainly the series isn't terrible but it's just one of those that never captivated me like Batman or Star Wars. With this in mind, I liked, didn't love, the new Harry Potter.

I'm a die-hard Potter fan myself. I've read the books and seen the movies countless times, so I walked into Half-Blood Prince with high expectations. What a delight it was to find that Half-Blood Prince excels above and beyond any of the previous installments and takes its well-deserved crown as Best Potter Movie to Date. Everything about this film won me over; from its beautiful cinematography, delicately woven storytelling and its extremely heartfelt performances. David Yates and company deserve a resounding round of applause for this simply magical accomplishment that is easily one of the best of the year.

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Jul 16, 2009 2:44AM EDT

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Jul 16, 2009 11:40AM EDT

i thought it was rubbish! the worst movie so far. i loved the 6th book, its my favourite by far. the movie left out a lot of key moments and summerised a lot. alot of the book was centered on dumbledores lessons and you didnt even know he had private lessons only that he went to the office twice to see memories. dumbledore didnt tell him the significants of the lessons and with the information could defear You-Know-Who.another aspect of this book was the whole Mystery of who the half blood prince was and you hardly saw that and how much the writting in the book helped harry in potions and how he thought it was his parents book etc.I also thought the graphics were crap. it was rly dark throughout the film.The acting was also crap!! snape was supposed to be rly sharp and pissed when harry used his spell on malfoy and later on him. dum bledore was supposed to be all nice and sweet hearted and have all his theories about voldemort but they acted like he had no idea about the horcrux. Harry was supposed to be crying his ass off about dumbledores death and all heart sick with ginny which he wasnt. narcissy was supposed to b crying all the time aswel when she went to see snape but as all together. the fight outside the burrow never happened in the book, they just made it up and they completely excluded the fight in hogwarts! And....THERE WASNT A QUIDDITCH MATCH!
the movie was an even bigger let down than twilight!!

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Jul 19, 2009 6:52PM EDT

I, on the other hand thought this movie was brilliant. It exceded my expectation. And i understand why the writers left out some key events of the story like the fight at hogwarts because the final instalation is mostly going to be about the fighting at the school so if there was fighting at hogwarts in the recent one i think it would have spoilt the whole effect of the battle at hogwarts in the last movie. Also i think the reason why the movie didnt centre around the private lessons with Dumbledore is because if they did the film would have been all serious and doom and gloom. By not doing this the atmosphere was more cheerfull like the first movie :). I think the writers were trying to get a wide variety of mini storylines in like the whole love triangles thing, the private lessons/Slughorn and the memory, the potions book and the Malfoys storyline. if the writers tried to just concentrate on a few storylines like the book helping harry then the audience would have got very bored. I thought the Graphics and the effects were at a very very very very high standard. It felt as though the magic used was real and when the hand grabbed harrys i nearly jumped out of my seat it was sooo realistic. The acting was wonderfull expecially from ron and hermione. I think they are going to be very successfull actors in later life. I also liked the acting from dumbledore and snape. But the best actors in the movie had to be maggie smith and Warrick davis (prof. Mcgonigal and Prof.Flitwick)THE BEST MOMENTS FOR ME i have to say was the fight at the burrow because i wasnt expecting it. it was nice to see somthing that i didnt know about however i was very upset with he blowing up of the burrow. But only because Julie Walters is my all time favorate actor and she loved that house but i still thought it was a great scene :). I also loved the comedy quidditch with ron and i think it was a great idea only putting alittle bit of the quidditch match in because it would have went on forever otherwise.
So overall this movie is at the top with all the other Harry Potter movies. And i hope the deathly hallows part 1 and 2 lives up to the great quality of films that have been produced by the Harry Potter writers

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