'Survivor: Caramoan': Malcolm and Reynold's bro-down hoedown

In the "Survivor" previouslies, they act like the Corinne blindside is the biggest thing that's ever happened. Let's hope not, because if so -- this season is going to go downhill (even moreso than it already is). MadelineThe next morning, Phillip feels like he's sitting pretty, but so does Reynold. Well, one of them is going to be disappointed by episode's end. Malcolm preens a bit and he, in fact, does seem to be sitting the prettiest. It'll be interesting to see if another big move goes down, or if somebody boring like Sherri is voted out tonight. Later, it ... is Phillip hitting on Sherri? Lordy. He assigns her a name for "Stealth R Us" -- "Tenacity." She privately thinks it's absolutely bonkers, but she knows it's in her best interest to go along with "her Shamar" on this tribe. Hee. Maybe Sherri is actually like a double-secret-probation awesome player.Reward ChallengeIt's five-on-five in a...



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