Criminal Minds Review: Head Games

This week's episode provided a satisfying procedural story undiluted by distractions of The Replicator, or by any overly-disturbing scenes.  It was a full-on puzzle piece, which the BAU had to decipher and resolve without needing to dive into any of the team members' back stories.

The story of "Pay It Forward" involved a man who sat in jail 25 years ago and watched while a woman's alleged rape was covered up to protect the son of the town's favored industrialist who ran a carpet business.  The Unsub subsequently murdered and decapitated the alleged rapist and secretly stuffed his head into a time capsule which the town then sealed and buried, to be opened again in 2013.   His intent, hidden for all those years, was to eventually ensure that all those who were involved in the alleged rape were provided his brand of vigilante justice.  



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