The Americans Recap: No Future in His Sleep Tonight

“I don’t see a whole lot of future in my sleep tonight.”

Stan Beeman says that to Phillip Jennings in “Only You,” my second favorite episode of The Americans after “Gregory.” And as it happens, “Only You” feels like a sequel, or at least a bookend, to “Gregory,” killing off one of the show’s most memorable characters, Derek Luke’s Gregory — the American-born ally of the KGB and Elizabeth Jennings’ sometime-lover — in a lyrically violent set piece preceded by an emotionally wrenching buildup. Stan delivers that line while sitting in the recently separated Phillip’s hotel room, and although it plays in the scene like an amusing, accidental inversion of what he probably meant to say (“I don’t see a whole lot of sleep in my future tonight”), it comes to seem like foreshadowing near the end, when Gregory goes out in a hail of bullets in a suicide-by-cop.



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