'Glee' review: "Shooting Star" gives us a bang, then a whimper

"Glee" as a drama is problematic at best. The show really works best when it embraces its ludicrous musical comedy concept and makes us laugh. While there have been a few dramatic moments that work -- Kurt coming out to his father in Season 1 immediately comes to mind -- most serious storylines hit bumps."Shooting Star" is no different. You can't quite fault "Glee" for wanting to jump on a topic as hot as school shootings, but we still have to wonder: Should a show like "Glee," limited as it is by jokiness and singing, try to address the big issues?Based on this episode, I have to say no. Maybe "Glee" should either commit to reality or simply lose itself in happy tunes for the rest of the show's run.Building the tensionOne of the highlights and successes of "Shooting Star" was the way the episode built up its tension. From the early joke about...



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