'Da Vinci's Demons' review: Nudity, violence and history - Just a typical Friday night on Starz

In one of the most fitting transitions of the TV season, Starz's series premiere of "Da Vinci's Demons" immediately follows the series finale of the network's signature hit "Spartacus." Both shows mix generous doses of sex and violence with historical details that could best be described as ... creative.Not that historical accuracy is the point of this brand of Starz series. They're really all about the bare skin, buckets of blood, and enough soapy twists and turns to keep viewers hooked. Some detractors may write them off as guilty pleasures, but why feel guilty if watching a show is actually pleasurable?While the first two episodes of "Da Vinci" are overly convoluted -- good luck keeping track of who's who, what their allegiances are, and sometimes even what they look like in the more dimly lit "atmospheric" scenes -- the action moves at such a rapid pace and unfolds with such giddy enthusiasm that it's easy...



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