Being Human Season 3 Review “Ruh Roh”

It was an action-packed finale on "Being Human," amusingly and accurately-titled "Ruh Roh," after the famous exclamation of everyone’s favorite crime-solving canine, Scooby-Doo. Lots of juicy revelations and showdowns ensued, with the stage set for an interesting next season. There was some calm before all the storm, however, as Aidan sealed the deal with Kat finally, and Sally and Aidan had a lovely heart-to-heart about all the damage they’d caused as of late. How cute was it watching Aidan fumble with the move-making on Kat? You’d think he’d have some deft seduction skills after all this time, but, as Sally noted bemusedly, his "bush talk" wasn’t cutting it. He got there eventually, though, and none too soon, as the mistletoe hit the fan shortly thereafter, starting with Kat’s discovery of Sally’s rotting, mutilated corpse. D’oh! (Or should I say, ruh-roh!) READ MORE...


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