Broadchurch Series 1 Episode 6 (ITV) Review

We’re nearing the end of ITV’s fantastic crime drama, and the list of suspects for Danny’s killer is dwindling by the second. This week we focused on not one, but two of the remaining candidates – Reverend Paul, who’s known to take night-time strolls from time to time, and Susan Write, a woman who has turned lurking into an art form since Broadchurch began six weeks ago. After Hardy took a back seat last week to make room for a largely standalone look into Jack Marshall’s past, Tennant is barely off the screen. His funny turns are getting more frequent with a near collapse at Marshall’s wake, a full-on collapse in the office after hours, and then a life-threatening attack at a crucial moment of pursuit. It’s obviously stressful moments that set off whatever condition he has, but it’s a bit inconvenient when you have a murder to solve. Dubbed the ‘worst cop in Britain’ also doesn’t help his fragile mental state and, even if he manages to solve the case, it’s doubtful whether he’ll be able to get over his past. READ MORE...


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