The Syndicate Series 2 Episode 4 (BBC) Review

After previous episodes of The Syndicate have chosen to show us the story of winners before their win, it’s a nice change of pace for episode four to carry on from a point in the present. That present is the exact moment we finished on last week, as Rose hides away from baiting reporters and paparazzi parked outside of her house. But the focus of the episode is on Becky and Luke, who try to maintain an honest and open relationship with a big £14m elephant in the room. We finally learn about what happened before the group recovered their ‘lost’ ticket, and understand Luke’s motivations for sticking around a little more. He’s been looking shifty since we met him but, as is almost always the case with this disjointed storytelling, things aren’t exactly what they seem. I enjoyed taking a look into Luke’s life more than Becky’s, if I’m honest, and wish that the episode had been more focused on him. READ MORE...


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