Criminal Minds Season 8 Review “Pay it Forward”

Criminal Minds returned tonight with "Pay it Forward", as our team makes it to a idyllic little town in Colorado to investigate a disembodied head found in a 25 year old time capsule. With only four episodes left in this eighth season after tonight, I’m hoping to see a little bit of forward momentum on The Replicator case and get a good idea of how this eighth season is going to conclude. In a rare occurrence for Criminal Minds, our team is actually visiting a fictional town called Bronson Springs, Colorado. With most episodes taking place in or around big cities, like last week’s being in Chicago, it’s nice to take a break and go back to a small town for tonight’s installment. Some of my favorite episodes of this series have all taken place in smaller towns, and it really lends to the creepiness factor when everybody starts covering up heinous crimes and unsavory activity in an attempt to preserve the "perfection" of their town. READ MORE...


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