American Idol Season 12 Review “Results Show”

Thank goodness for small favors! After some dubious voting over the last few weeks, America finally got it right on "American Idol," when Lazaro was given his walking papers, once and for all. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was still upset by the fact that Amber came so close to getting the boot, too, but I’ll take it. Lazaro undeniably is a sweetheart of a guy, no doubt about that, and he has my utmost sympathies for his struggles with his speech impediment; but this is a singing competition, and let’s face it, he dropped the ball one too many times, and you only get so many chances on a show like this to get it right. Something had to give eventually. The forgotten lyrics were bad enough, but when you don’t recognize a painfully obvious key change? Um, no. Hopefully, he’ll get some vocal lessons in the meantime before the top contestants go on tour, and he’ll rebound just fine. I’ll be pulling for him, but for now…really glad it was him going home and not Amber. READ MORE...


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