Glee Season 4 Review “Shooting Star”

People are either going to violently love or violently hate this week’s episode of Glee, ‘Shooting Star’, and not for the reasons they usually do. For this isn’t about song choices or relationship troubles, but about Glee tackling a ‘very special’ issue and layering lots of potentially problematic stuff onto the top of it. The episode starts with Brittany’s proclamation that an asteroid is about to hit America, and this prompts Will to assign a ‘last songs’ assignment to the club, urging them to tell each other how they feel before it’s too late. It might be a plot device that, yet again, makes Brittany look like an emotionally challenged 8-year-old, but it works in the episode’s favor when a real crisis hits. While the class are rehearsing, they hear gun shots down the hall, and the school goes into lockdown. READ MORE...


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