Hannibal Season 1 Review “Amuse-Bouche”

On this week’s "Hannibal," we saw Will Graham doing his best to put the events of last week’s episode behind him, while taking on his latest case in "Amuse-Bouche." If, like me, you were wondering what that title meant, then I will tell you: it’s an appetizer of sorts, typically bite-sized and made at the chef’s discretion, which is to say, something that is not on the menu proper. From the looks of things, each episode’s title is going to be a similar dining-related term, with last week’s being "Aperitif," which is a drink, typically alcoholic, that one has before dinner. Given our titular character’s obsession with fine dining, that makes perfect, tongue-in-cheek sense that is in keeping with the show’s pitch black humor, although I can’t imagine anyone wanting what Hannibal’s serving up, however well it might be prepared. READ MORE...


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