Vegas Season 1 Review “Little Fish”

Well, Vegas finally came back after the longest hiatus in tv history. I’ve missed it. They’ve moved the show to Friday nights, which we all know means they’re planning to cancel it. I truly hope they don’t. It’s a wonderful little show that deserves a chance. A few thoughts about "Little Fish": Ralph and Co. spent their time hunting down a dirtbag who was pimping out underage girls. They caught one of the guys who worked in the count room at The Savoy with an underage girl named Patricia and tried to get him to reveal the pimp’s name. But in the middle of Ralph’s interrogation, Agent Byrne burst in and basically cut Ralph’s legs out from under him. He told the john that the state would drop all charges if he agreed to testify about how Savino works the skim at The Savoy. Needless to say, Ralph wasn’t pleased. Yes, Ralph wants to nail Savino, but at the same time, he doesn’t want a guy running around town beating up and pimping out underage girls. Ralph tried to get Patricia to tell him who the pimp was, but she was much more afraid of him than she was of Ralph. Jack was worried that Mia was going to get sent to prison, so he told her that her employee was about to tell the feds everything. Mia gave Patricia $3000 and a bus ticket, told her to go to Chicago and she would be taken care of. With the only witness to the statutory rape gone, the feds were forced to drop their case. However, before Patricia left, she wrote a letter to Ralph telling him who the pimp was and where he could be located. Ralph and Jack got the pimp, and the FBI agent of course took the credit for it. READ MORE...


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