'Supernatural' Season 8 spoilers: Is Taylor Cole returning as Sam's Season 1 love interest?

Sam's love interest from the beginning of this season of "Supernatural" didn't work out so well, since he chose hunting over reuniting with her. But all hope isn't lost when it comes to his romantic prospects. In fact, it looks like an old flame could possibly resurfacing, and, unlike Amelia, this one was a real hit with the audience, back in the day.In the Season 1 episode "Provenance," Sam and Dean met Sarah Blake, played by actress Taylor Cole. The character worked at her father's auction house... and accidentally sold a murderous haunted painting to unsuspecting families. Unlike some of the damsels in distress that the Winchesters encountered, Sarah got deeply involved in the hunt. In fact, her bravery and wit impressed Dean so much that he told Sam to "marry that girl." Sam was still quite hung up on Jess, finding their dad, and seeking revenge, so marriage was out of the question, but...



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