'Mad Men' Season 6 episode 3 recap 'The Collaborators': Ranking Trudy, Pete, Joan and more on the happiness index

"The Collaborators" featured one moment "Mad Men" fans have been waiting six seasons for: Trudy (Alison Brie) finally had a reason to confront Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) about his cheating ways. And in typical "Mad Men" fashion, the confrontation wasn't about hurt feelings but about wounded pride.Trudy knew Pete was cheating -- of course she did, she let him have the apartment -- but he crossed a line sleeping with a neighbor (ace guest star Collette Wolfe as Brenda) and now he has to pay the price. She doesn't want a divorce, but she doesn't want him around either. He'll be sleeping in the city unless Trudy demands otherwise and that's that.We also got a follow-up to last season's indecent proposal storyline with the return of slimy Jaguar executive Herb Rennet (Gary Basaraba) and fleshed out a bit more about Don's past when his stepmother Abigail (Brynn Horrocks) "took up" with Uncle Mack (Morgan Rusler) in...



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