Bones Review: Mommy Dearest

I'm calling it now. Bones proposes to Booth by the end of Bones season 8. After tonight's heavy-handed set-up, if she doesn't, I will be shocked. Shocked, I say. 

"The Party in the Pants" had Booth's mother returning after a 24 year absence and absolutely nothing about the way she showed up made much sense. Booth's mother's arrival was about as contrived a plot device as they come. 

After receiving a call about a case, Booth walks into his office and who should be sitting there but Mommy Dearest, 24 years after walking out on Seely and his brother and leaving them, her children, with their abusive, alcoholic father and the grandfather who raised them. And Booth harbors no resentment toward his mother for walking out and leaving them behind. She was just doing what she had to do.



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