'Bones' recap: It's not just strippers who have mommy issues in 'The Party in the Pants'

While the case of the week in "The Party in the Pants" deals with a murdered stripper/stockbroker, the real story of this "Bones" episode is the return of Booth's long-lost mother, Marianne (Joanna Cassidy). She abandoned Booth's abusive father -- and Booth (David Boreanaz) -- 24 years before and comes back this week to make amends.Murder is easier to solve.The victimThanks to a very irresponsible contractor and her inept nephew, the body of Jack Spinler is found in a demolished building. His polyester, tear-away pants and thong immediately make it clear that Jack is a stripper. As it turns out, he is also a stockbroker. As such, a lot of people may have wanted Jack dead.The suspectsSeth: Jack's stockbroker boss is a sleazy jerk who claims to be happy with the victim's work. There's also an illegal scheme to steal clients' money. Unfortunately, Seth has an alibi and is only guilty of financial crimes.The...



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