The Big Bang Theory 3.7 "The Guitarist Amplification" Recap - Featured

We are all the end result of a lifetime of experiences. Who we are today has been directly decided by what we've seen, done, and been exposed to in the past. On tonight's episode of The Big Bang Theory, we have insight into one of the most baffling minds on television: Sheldon Cooper's.

It's the general consensus in The Big Bang Theory fan-circle that Sheldon is written to be Autistic; more specifically, he has Asperger Syndrome. His difficulties in understanding social behavior, his dependence on repetitive behavior, his limited circle of interests and his unusual diction are hallmarks of the condition. Due to his odd mannerisms being played for laughs, the show's producers avoid offending the Autistic community by only canonically referring to Sheldon as weird, or just a little off. How CBS gets away with this is amazing.

Tonight's episode begins with Penny and Leonard beta testing a new board game created by Sheldon himself. "Research Lab," Sheldon boasts, "The physics is theoretical, but the fun is real." Attempting to weasel out of future game nights, Penny claims she needs to pick up an old friend from the airport who is in town visiting, will be sleeping on her couch, is a "definitely not gay" male, and is a rock musician she used to date. Naturally, Leonard becomes territorial and jealous.

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