'Bates Motel': Dylan Welcomes Norman to the Doghouse

In this week's episode of Bates Motel, "Ocean View," several underlying themes begin to bubble more prominently to the surface; most notably punishment and atonement. This is treated heavy- handedly in the case of Norma and Norman's relationship after she is arrested for murdering Keith Summers.

Her sons visit her in jail and offer to help. But Norma is angry with both: Dylan for encouraging Norman to go out and meet a girl, and Norman for putting some distance between them. it wasn't just that he snuck out to be with a girl, but also that, for a brief time, Norma's worst fear was realized. Norman wasn't around when she needed him. Their co-dependency is evolving into something slightly more insidious as they start to gain a better understanding of each other's flaws.



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