'Survivor: Caramoan': Craziest Tribal Council ever? It's definitely right up there

Um, was that the craziest "Survivor" Tribal Council ever? It's definitely right up there.MadelineAfter Tribal, Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie are clearly on the outs, as Stealth R Us heads off to have a meeting. The big alliance congratulates themselves on the bottom three not having an Idol, because nobody knows about Malcolm's. Hopefully his Idol doesn't go to waste. In the morning, Dawn begins her total meltdown, yelling for Brenda and totally losing her mind. It's ... where is this coming from? Ohhhh, wait. Dawn lost her retainer that has some fake teeth on it because she got two knocked out once and she doesn't want to tell anyone because she's so self-conscious. Oh, Dawn. Oh, sweetie. We just want to give her the biggest hug. Don't be embarrassed! Awww. That, like, brought tears to our eyes. Are we alone in that?OK, on the one hand, we get that "Survivor" would tease that in previews...



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