'Southland' finale sets up potential Season 6 with a shocking cliffhanger: Will the show return?

Well, that was a finale. Tonight's Season 5 closer of "Southland" left most of our favorite characters' fates up in the air, which is particularly anxiety-inducing given the fact that the show has yet to be picked up by TNT for a Season 6. The good news? Lydia and Russell started to acknowledge the developments in their relationship, with him asking "What are we doing here?" when she skipped the glory of a press conference to spend time with him and her son. The bad news? Pretty much everything else. Ben's spiral into corruption came to a painful climax as Sammy got to the bottom of all of Ben's less-than-respectable behavior this season. It seems that Ben has officially been branded a "dirty cop" -- and it's very hard to come back from that, particularly given Sammy's disgust with him.Cooper's story was certainly the most compelling. He's been bottling a lot of rage this season,...



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