Doctor Who Season 7 Review “Cold War”

These last few episodes of Doctor Who have been so densely packed with references to earlier Doctor Who adventures that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming to attempt to keep track of it all. While I picked up a number of old Who references in "Cold War," all it took was a quick stroll through the dark paths of the internet for me to realize just how many minuscule details I had missed during my first watch. Of course, I assume the resurgence of all these classic Who villains, the reintroduction of historical T.A.R.D.I.S. terminology, the ongoing references to roses, wolves, and the color red, are all pointing in the direction of the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, but I’m impatient. I don’t mind that each episode is essentially a stand alone story with teases scattered throughout, but what I really want is to sink my teeth into an ongoing mystery that will have me desperately waiting for the next episode to answer my questions. READ MORE...


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