Touch Season 2 Review “Two of a Kind”

This episode of Touch picked up pretty much right where the last one left off. Trevor told Martin that the police had found Lucy’s body in her car at the bottom of a ravine. Martin was pretty shaken by the news, followed by an avalanche of guilt. I felt kind of bad for him because it really isn’t his fault. He did what he thought was the best thing at the time. There’s no way he could’ve known that Aster Corp. would find them so quickly. I kind of got the feeling that it wasn’t so much Lucy’s death that hit Martin so hard. It’s the fact that he made the decision that ultimately led her down the path to her death. I still say it wasn’t his fault, but he’s going to blame himself anyway. Meanwhile, Amelia told Jake that Guillermo was coming for him. Judging by the way that Jake was sweating, he already knew about Guillermo. Amelia said they would have to meet up later and she took off on her own. However, the most interesting thing to come out of all of that was that Jake uttered his first words: find him. Martin immediately knew Jake was talking about Guillermo, so he took off to Breakwire to try to find and stop Guillermo. Trevor volunteered to help Martin out in a more hands-on manner this time, so off the two of them went. READ MORE...


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