Vikings Season 1 Review “A King’s Ransom”

Being a non-Christian, Ragnar is no doubt unfamiliar with the proverb that pride goeth before the fall. Then again, even if he was familiar with it, he would probably be too arrogant to take its meaning to heart. Ragnar is riding a wave of success, including his discovery of the western lands and ascendance to the position of Earl, but his ambition and arrogance may be leading him into dangerous territory. Ragnar and his men embark on another journey to England and this time Ragnar has his sights set on a much larger prize – the wealth of the King. There is something absurd about the idea of one boatload of men taking on the land’s native inhabitants. The Vikings are well-remembered for their bravery in battle, but the numbers just do not add up. It initially looks like Ragnar understands this and he keeps his men from committing suicide by storming the town. As usual, Rollo is awash with bloodlust and does not appreciate being held back by his brother. READ MORE...


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