The Simpsons Season 24 Review “What Animated Women Want”

It’s a real feat for the late-era The Simpsons to feel even lazier than usual, but, alas, sometimes we still get episodes like "What Animated Women Want," which rests largely on Lisa acting completely out of character, and a hacky Fifty Shades of Gray reference. It just all felt shapeless. Each side of the episode even got a guest star, neither of whom did much of anything. Not that there weren’t hints of a better Simpsons in there from time to time; Milhouse getting visited in his thoughts by increasingly fatter Brandos was pretty great, even if the story surrounding it genuinely failed. The show does well when it remembers to treat its characters like actual people with personalities, and here it forgot who Lisa was. Because she’s definitely not a girl who would find being treated poorly attractive. Sure, it’s cartoon logic, and she’s back to where she started with Milhouse by the end of the episode, but that fact just threw the whole thing in the garbage for me. READ MORE...


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